Bingz Huang: Gentleness Coach + Intuitive Healer :)

Hello there!

I'm Bingz Huang from Singapore, and I am a Gentleness Coach + Intuitive Healer. 

I believe that Gentleness is a Strength, not a weakness.

I love working with energetically sensitive women, to help them:

  • understand and appreciate their energetic gifts and challenges
  • use their Sensitivity more as a Gift in their lives
  • feel safe and free to be who they truly are, through releasing stuck energies that have accumulated in them over the years.

I facilitate these gentle transformations using Gentleness Coaching + Intuitive Healing through the lens of their Human Design charts. 

Clients who have worked with me appreciate me for my gentle, compassionate and calming presence.

Do feel free to connect with me if this intrigues you. 

You can browse through my menu of free and paid offerings here, or email me at if you would like more specific assistance. 

I look forward to being of service to you .



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