Free Virtual Lounge - Human Design for Sensitives

Free Virtual Lounge - Human Design for Sensitives

Are you an Empath and do you struggle with feeling safe and empowered by your sensitivity and openness?

Do you need resources to help you understand and release your overwhelm?

This is a safe space for you to explore and heal your relationship with your openness, as well as to quickly release feelings of overwhelm. 

I hope that the free healing + insights provided here will be useful to you. 



8 Modules

A little bit about Me :)

Interviews and Human Design Chart Analysis of Empowered Empaths

In this Module, I share my interviews of Empaths who are using their Sensitivity as a Gift in their service-based businesses, and I dive a bit into their Human Design Charts so you can appreciate their energetic gifts and challenges as well. Enjoy!

Healing Podcasts / Videos

Looking for a quick healing session to feel more relaxed and open?

Here are some healing podcasts / video meditations that you can try out!

Feeling frustrated and powerless about changing the world?


Are your Life's Problems dragging you down?

Some healing insights and short guided meditations to help you release mental overwhelm. 

Feel free to browse through and try them out!



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Please note that the information that you provide such as your name, email address and answers to quiz questions are kept confidential. I will always ask for your permission if I feel inspired to share your healing experiences. 
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