The Story Behind this book on Gentleness

The Story Behind this book on Gentleness

Are you curious about my book on Gentleness, but you're not quite sure if you'll like it?

Have you already bought a copy of my book, and would love to know more on what helped to birth this book?

This is the place where I share extra background information and resources on what helped me write and publish my book. 

I just need you to sign up for it and you will receive the link to log on in your email!

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Praise for the book

It always makes me smile to know that there are other sensitive souls whom feel they have benefited from reading this book!

I am honored to show you their praise for the book:

More about the Illustrators

I am so honored to have these three incredibly ladies contribute their beautiful art to my book! 

Here is my little space to describe more about their works as a tribute to them. 

Please do feel free to explore their artworks and services!



Inside Peek - Table of Contents and What Inspired Me to Write This Book


Thank you for being curious about this book on Gentleness!

In this module, I will share with you what inspired me to write this book, and the Table of Contents in my book.



Blog and Video Interviews!

Here are some interviews about the book and mentioned in the book as well. Just click on the interview title that interests you :)


Free Audio Book Chapter

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Please note that the information that you provide such as your name, email address are kept confidential. I will always ask for your permission if I feel inspired to share your healing experiences. 
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