Empower Your Life with Gentleness Course

Empower Your Life with Gentleness Course

Last year, I wrote and published my very first book titled: "Empower Your Life with Gentleness - A Simple Guide to Feel Safe and Free to be you."

Through this book, I share what I have learned so much from practising Gentleness on myself and others. For the past few months, more and more of my readers have commented how Gentleness is needed more than ever, especially with so many painful and harsh events happening worldwide now.

They appreciated the tips and insights from this book, and would love to have a more interactive way to continue practising Gentleness as a way to release this increasing Harshness from their lives. 

This course is created as a response to these requests! 

Who is this Course meant for?

If you have been feeling unsafe living in this world as who you are, this Course is for you. 

You might identify yourself as an energetically sensitive person, Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Empath, Intuitive or Aware. 

I would love to help you go from feeling Unsafe to Empowered through releasing Harshness and Practising Gentleness. 

What does this Course include?

Using this Membervault platform, I will be sharing five weekly modules with self-reflection exercises that you can either:

  • journal privately,
  • share with me through the in-built questions,
  • or comment publicly for other course participants to read and discuss with you as well.  

A new meditation infused with gentle healing energies is included in each of the five weeks, as I guide you through some fun and simple ways to process the feelings, thoughts and fears that might crop up as you do the self-reflection exercises. 

After completion of the five modules, you will unlock a free PDF download of my book of the same title as my gift to you :)

Course Outline

Here is the course outline for all 5 weeks. You can keep repeating the course so that you will receive more insights and uncover more hidden areas of Harshness, helping you feel safer and freer to live a more joyful and fulfilling life.

Week 1: What Empowering your life with Gentleness is about

Week 2: Reactivating your Built-In Gentleness Instinct

Week 3: Restoring Gentleness to our Global Womb

Week 4: Ways to detect and release Harshness from your Life

Week 5: Practising Gentleness to Empower your Life

What this Course is not about

This course is not about finding the solutions to all your life's problems or to the world's problems. 

The focus is not on solving problems using Gentleness as a solution. 

Gentleness, to me, is a magical ingredient that makes everything softer, smoother, more harmonious, more authentic, and clearer. 

There is no step-by-step guide that you need to follow. Instead, I will be sharing simple ideas and tips that you can choose to experiment with in your own life. 


I have updated the price to one single price of US$30 for clarity. 

Just click the "Buy Now" button to make payment and you will receive immediate access to the course.  


About Bingz Huang - Gentleness Coach + Intuitive Healer

Hi I'm Bingz Huang from Singapore, and I work mostly online with clients all over the world.

I am a Gentleness Coach and Intuitive Healer, and what I offer through my book on Gentleness, short courses and private sessions is to help fellow Sensitives be gentler on themselves.

I offer them clear insights on their energetic gifts and challenges, which they needed more validation on.

I help them feel safe and free to be who they truly are, through releasing stuck energies that have accumulated in them over the years.

Clients whom have worked with me appreciate me for my gentle, compassionate and calming presence.


Thank you for your support and I hope that through this course you will feel more empowered by infusing your life with this magical ingredient called Gentleness :)



6 Modules

Week 1: What Empowering your life with Gentleness is about

In this module, I explain why I love using the word "Gentleness", and how Gentleness can be Empowering for you. 

Week 2: Reactivating your Built-In Gentleness Instinct

In this Module, I explain why I feel Gentleness is a Built-In Instinct which many of us have somehow disengaged with over the years, and how we can start to reactivate this instinct. 

Week 3: Restoring Gentleness to our Global Womb

Welcome to Week 3 :)

In this Module, I share how the Harshness of the World can cause us to feel unsafe, and how we can restore Gentleness by seeing this world as our Global Womb.

Week 4: Ways to detect and release Harshness from your Life

Welcome to Week 4 of this mini-course, !

In this Module, I share how you can allow more Gentleness into your life simply by detecting and releasing Harshness from your life. 

Week 5: Practising Gentleness to Empower your Life

Congratulations , you're at Week 5!

In this Module, I share some things and activities you can use / do often as part of your very own Gentleness Toolkit to help you Practise Gentleness more regularly. 

Empower Your Life with Gentleness (PDF book)

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