Human Design Intuitive Reading over Zoom

Human Design Intuitive Reading over Zoom

Your Human Design Chart
Your unique Human Design chart is generated using your place, date, and time of birth. It is like the owner's manual for your life!

It represents your unique energetic wiring, showing you your potential gifts and challenges, how you interact with the world, what is most fulfilling to you, and how you can move forward and make the best decisions for your life.

Who is this for?

This reading is great for people who are keen on knowing more about their Human Design chart, but feel too overwhelmed with the complexities in the chart. 

I do not give the reading in the traditional manner. 

I tune into the energy of your chart to give you information that is more relevant to where you are in your life now. 

What will the intuitive reading over Zoom look like?

I will send you a scheduling link to book for your most suitable time slot. If none of the time slots work, please email me with your 3 best days and time slots, I will do my best to align to your availability. 

I will need you to send me a description of your life challenge or goal. This will give me a better idea of your situation and concerns so that I can describe your chart is more practical and relevant to you.

We will meet for one hour for me to explain your reading to you. This will be done in a lively and interactive manner so that it is easier for you to process and integrate your insights during the session. 

To Book for Your Private Human Design Intuitive Reading over Zoom

  1. Make payment for the reading 
  2. Book an appointment for us to meet over Zoom to have your intuitive reading. 

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