Human Design for Empaths Level 1 (4-Week course)

Human Design for Empaths Level 1 (4-Week course)

Are you an Empath who feels confused and overwhelmed easily, and want to feel more grounded and empowered instead? If you would like to understand and manage your energetic sensitivity more effectively, do read on for more details on this course.


Human Design is a wonderful modality that can be a useful self-awareness and self-improvement tool for Empaths too.

I’m so excited to teach this 4-week course that I created for fellow Empaths to help them feel more grounded and empowered. This is the second time I’ll be teaching and facilitating it.

I have taught this to 11 Empaths during its first round in May 2020, and I’m excited to teach a new round in less than two weeks.

The course will be taught within the course modules here, and there will be opportunities to share your reflections and engage with other students in a private Facebook group.

The course will run from Nov 2-29, 2020. 

Your Human Design chart

Your unique Human Design chart, generated with your place, date, and time of birth, is a great visual tool to help you understand the specific ways you are sensitive to others' energies and your internal rhythms.

Here is an example of what a chart can look like:

The author’s Human Design chart. Source: Genetic Matrix

Nine geometric shapes represent nine energy centers that process various themes in your life.

According to your birth information, you will see that some of the shapes are colored, and others are white.

  • Your Defined Centers (shown as colored) represent the energy you radiate out into the world consistently. Some of these centers radiate certain rhythms that form part of your internal sensitivity.
  • Your Undefined Centers (shown as white) take in and amplify energy and information from the world around you. This is where you might be sensitive to the energies of people, places, and events around you.

What you will be learning in this course

This 4-week Level 1 Class is for you if you believe that your sensitivity is a gift that can be better managed to help yourself and others.

You believe that you do not need to feel drained, anxious, and overwhelmed all the time or to feel like you need to close yourself off from others in other to protect your energies.

This is what you will be learning in this course:

☀️Connect with other Empaths while learning to share your sensitivity through the Human Design perspective

☀️Learn why it is important to honor your sensitivity

☀️Understand the various ways you are sensitive to your internal rhythms in your defined centers and external energies through your undefined centers

☀️Learn how to “converse” with your undefined energy centers regularly so you can release anxiety, overwhelm, and fatigue more easily or reduce the chance of getting overwhelmed too often.

☀️Learn how to stay focused without getting unnecessarily distracted by others.

☀️Experience what it is like to use your sensitivity as a gift to inspire yourself, learn from others, and to help others when you want to!

What you will receive

As a course participant, you will receive:
🌱4 course modules, with each module released each week for you to learn at your pace. There are no ‘live’ sessions to attend.

🌱Each weekly module includes a short lesson and homework that you can reply privately to me through the embedded quiz questions, or share with other students in a private Facebook group. 

🌱Module 1 is an Introduction to Human Design. Great for people who are totally new to Human Design

🌱Private energetic realignment videos for the group to help you realign your Defined and Open Energy Centers.

🌱One cool template to help you reflect and journal on the health of your nine energy centers

More about my relevant training and experience

🎉I am a Gentleness Coach and Intuitive Healer with a Level 1 Certification in Human Design. I was taught by Karen Curry, who wrote several best-selling books on Human Design.

🎉I have five undefined centers and four defined centers in my chart, so I know what it feels like to be sensitive to my internal rhythms and external influences as well.

🎉My private sessions are a unique blend of healing and coaching using my clients’ Human Design charts as the main framework. My clients are empathic and find that the sessions helped them open up to many more possibilities and to feel light and free.

🎉Since June 2020, I have been writing articles on my personal publication, Bingz Healing Light, to teach Human Design basics and case studies with chart analysis of fellow sensitive artists, writers, healers, coaches, and spiritual teachers.

Some student testimonials

To give you an idea of how the first round of this course has helped my clients, here are some of their testimonials:

Human Design is such a useful tool to understand myself and people around me better.
Learning that I have an open Head centre, I’ve learnt to differentiate what belongs to me and what doesn’t — this has helped me make better decisions about what I want.
Knowing that my son is a Manifesting Generator, I am able to help him sleep better at night.
Bingz facilitates the course with much gentleness, making it a safe space for me to learn and share.

~Andrina — author, mother, therapeutic play Practitioner

Bingz, your coaching and sharing as a Generator has helped set me free from feeling that I needed to push or initiate things from the intention of responsibility vs listening and honoring my body responses and honoring what lights me up in life. Thank you! The work you do is life-changing and life-affirming.

~Faith Teo

Registration and payment details

Are you excited to join other fellow Empaths to learn more about your sensitivity and how you can use it better as a gift?

Here are the registration and payment details:

The 4-week class will start on Nov 2, 2020 (Monday), and end on Nov 29, 2020.

The price goes up to USD$70 on Oct 26, 2020, at 10 a.m. Singapore time.

I will send you a confirmation email and guide you in generating your Human Design chart.

There are no ‘live’ sessions to attend.

The Facebook group will be kept open for another month for you to continue learning at your own pace. 


Please do email me at if you are interested in enrolling in this course but you have more specific questions for me.

Thank you for reading! :)

5 Modules

How to Generate your Human Design Chart

Week 2 - Manage Your Sensitivity with Gentleness

Congratulations on completing Week 1's module !

In this week's module you will:

  • Use Gentleness as a guiding word to help us form more balanced relationships with our Sensitivity
  • Learn about your Authority (Best way to make decisions)
  • Learn more about your Emotional Solar Plexus Center and Spleen Center

Happy learning and contemplating :)

Week 3 - Process Energies Intuitively

Woohoo, you've just passed the halfway mark to Week 3!

Here's a quick summary of what you'll be learning this week:

  • Various way to process energies from others through your Open Centers
  • Being more mindful of Feelings VS Judgments
  • More on the Identity Center and Will Center

Week 4-How to Use Your Open Centers as a Gift


You've reached the final week of this course woo-hoo!
This week you will learn more about:

  • Your Profile
  • How communication is essential to prevent misunderstandings
  • How we can help one another appreciate more about ourselves
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