Spread Your Wings with Bingz Private Package Healing Approach and Client Testimonials

Healing Approach and Client Testimonials

Hello there!

I am a certified Practitioner in The Wonder Method, Aroma Freedom Techniques (using Young Living Essential Oils and a Human Design Level 1 Specialist. 

I like using a gentle and intuitive approach, and sometimes I love using my imagination during the healing session as well.

I like to approach heavy emotions with gentle wonder, and stay light and open without needing to find out the WHYs (why am I experiencing this) and HOWs (exactly how can I achieve what I want).

I focus on processing the energetic resistance to getting what you want. 

I am also really casual in the way I dress and I find that I do my work best when I feel comfortable in myself and with you (the client). 

Here are some testimonials from my clients:

Clarity, Peace and Validation

I just completed two sessions of the Human Design Realignment sessions with Bingz yesterday. It gave me so many insights and so much peace that I suddenly realize that what I have been experiencing since young was pushing me forward towards my a goal of this incarnation … Completion. But so much pain was hidden and I am thankful for Bingz’ soft and calm style that I was allow to process those pain that are so deeply hidden and she was there just listening and unwinding those links.

There were moments which the facts started to unwind and a lot of events and late people who pops up during the session in my mind, the closure which I needed to move on. I am grateful and to be told that next year there is a change in my life style, seriously surprised me, as I have always said that by age 50, I will surrender to Heaven and let it lead me forward. To have Bingz confirm that really surprise me.

I would like to recommend that if you are stuck in life, or needed a gentle healer which transmit love and calm, sign up for a session.

Thank you Bingz!

~Kim Chen, Singapore

Peace, Hope, Freedom and Possibilities

I recently had a lovely, gentle Human Design Realignment session with Bingz.

What I especially loved about it was how she listened deeply to everything I shared, and then took the next necessary step with her healing modalities. I felt safe right from the start. Her loving, sweet, gentle nature is so present and so calming.

She guided us through looking at where the most ‘bothersome’ of my open centres were… the places where I feel most ‘interference’ from other people’s energy. She helped me to feel peace, hope and a sense of freedom at each point.

So many possibilities opened up for me during and after the session. I felt ‘light’ and free. Thank you Bingz! 

~ Liesel Teversham, UK

Understanding more about my Human Design chart

As someone who is new to Human Design, it was helpful to get a customized overview of my chart since it can be hard to understand how to interpret the information if you’re just reading an article you find online. I especially appreciated Bingz intuitive healing throughout, it was nice to pause and focus on my energy centres that are misaligned.

If you’re curious about Human Design and would like an introduction to your chart with a focus on healing your centres to help you get back to a more natural state of being, this session is a great place to start. It inspired me to get to know my chart on a deeper level and continue to learn about myself in a new way. ~Krista Bauer, USA

Emotional Clarity 

Bingz is a natural at what she does providing a safe space for me to process my emotions in a non-judgemental way, connecting to my own inner wisdom and body. I feel supported and acknowledged in the work we do together, feeling that I’m empowered to make the change I want, instead of her fixing my problems for me. I recommend anyone who is having problem with getting clarity in life to get in touch with Bingz.

~Sharon, Singapore

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Healing Approach and Client Testimonials

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